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The former RAF pilot raised enough money to place a $1.5bn order for business jets, and launch his new Jet Republic fractional ownership venture
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The founders of Web telephone service Skype, currently owned by eBay Inc, are interested in bidding for the company they sold some four years ago, according to a media report.

Earnings take center stage next week and everybody's going to be focused on how the banks will do.
In the older times, there were no safe authorities where people could store their money. That is the reason, most people hide their money under the earth or in other secret locations. As civilization developed, we saw changes happening everywhere. In my opinion, comprehensive banking system is the major development by the people. Banks are financial institutes whose primary objective is to store money of people safely and to lend them when required. I personally think that by giving funds, these
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more about “Obama’s Bear Market “, posted with vodpod
On Friday I did a little non-tech commentary on CNBC. The topic: whether the current bear market is President Obama’s fault.
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I have been reviewing the recent mutual fund and ETF fund flows report by TrimTabs and found some interesting correlations. Remember, the fund flows show the amount of money in and out of funds, ETFs and general markets.
This particular report was focused on the amount of money that went into domestic equities over the past few years. End-of-month flows were used to calculate the amount of money invested into and out of domestic funds. It does not provide exact information about where the money came from, but we can infer that the money did not come from the "sidelines" since we see that
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markets have been moving higher lately, even though fund flows are slowing.
Let me explain...
Look at the overlay of the S&P 500 (SPY) that we charted with the fund flows. In particular, the last few months show a sharp drop of inflows (blue line) and a corresponding drop in the S&P 500. We see that correlation is not perfect and assume that most investments will lag as investors will often come late to the party.
But, the incredible outflows during the last quarter of 2008 show a similar downturn in the equity markets. The markets turned down, funds flowed out and the cycle fed on itself. Now, look at the recent upturn of the market and the corresponding fund flows. This shows a much different story. Somehow, monies are coming out and markets are still moving up.
The only explanation that makes any sense is that investors are still on the sideline and a rebalance is taking place within mutual funds and hedge funds. If mutual funds are moving money internally, it will not show up as a fund flow. This would also seem to provide reason how, even with all of the bad news, markets are showing resilience.
We will continue to watch this trend. If our theory is proven to be accurate, we will see a sharp drop in the fund flow and markets will sour. This could occur in the next few weeks as the window dressing and rebalancing end and earnings results pour in. Andrew Horowitz is a money manager and the founder of Horowitz & Company. He is also the author of the bestselling book, The Disciplined Investor . Check out his latest investment idea or listen in as he hosts, The Disciplined Investor Podcast.
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