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Don't wait until conditions stabilize to adjust your portfolio. The time to act is now because a normal market is a long way off.
Genworth Financial's Long Term Care Insurance business today announced a strategic marketing relationship with the National LTC Network to sell Genworth's long term care products and services.
Why a Madoff-type scandal isn't likely in the fund world.
Too many of us lock ourselves into a one-size-fits-all strategy that can't work in every market. In truth, we need to listen carefully and adapt.
Lattes may be the symbol of self-indulgent spending, but bottled water should be synonymous with anti-frugality and waste. It's right up there with
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=_blank mce_href="">plastic shopping bags, artfully dubbed "urban tumbleweeds."
Don't agree? Read a post by Dave at The Good Human called "12 reasons to stop drinking bottled water." Reason No. 2 goes right to the pocketbook. Why are you spending all that money on bottled water when so much of it is filtered tap water -- not pristine water gushing from a natural spring?
Cut your spending by buying a filter and filling a safe, reusable bottle with tap water. (Reason No. 1: "American tap water is among the safest in the world.") Dave has advice about that as well.
Still not convinced that you're wasting money? Dave says that if the cost of water used at home were based on even the cheapest bottled-water prices, the typical monthly water bill would be in the $9,000 range.
The waste involved with bottling water is phenomenal, Dave says. For instance:

  • In any given week, 37,800 semis are hauling loads of bottled water.

  • About 30 million empty water bottles end up in landfills every day.

  • It takes a lot of oil and water to make the bottles. (Read Dave's post for details.)

What's inside the bottle? Good question. Dave says, "The EPA sets much more stringent quality standards for tap water than the FDA does for the bottled stuff."
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Huge losses caused by the housing/credit bubble, and the gigantic stimulus packages they triggered, have created a very complex, confusing financial landscape.
Insurer Genworth Financial Inc. said Wednesday it will begin marketing its long-term care insurance with the National LTC Network.
Steve Jobs, the chief executive of Apple (AAPL), is taking a six-month medical leave to recuperate, the company said Wednesday.
And just when we thought the prolonged Jobs health drama was settled. Last week, Jobs said
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tocks/archive/2009/01/05/apple-ceo-admits-health-problem.aspx" target="_blank" mce_href="">he was getting treatment for a hormone deficiency that was blocking key proteins from his body. But those health issues are more complex than thought, he said in an e-mail to employees Wednesday.
The news will undoubtedly rattle investors who have been on edge about Jobs's health for months. Stock index futures dropped after the announcement, and I expect a lot of turmoil in the market Thursday. After-hours trading of Apple shares was halted Wednesday.
The news also raises big questions about what Apple isn't sharing with investors and employees. The company has bungled the Jobs health issue from the get-go, and investors remain skittish because Apple's secrecy and misleading statements give no confidence in its management. 
One analyst, Brian Marshall of AmTech Research, thinks Jobs will step down as CEO this year but remain an adviser to the company. That could cut $10 to $15 from the stock price, he told the AP.
There are serious questions about Apple's future, not the least of which is the shape of the product pipeline. Apple's chief operating officer, Tim Cook, will take over for Jobs during the medical absence. But can Cook and other executives move the company forward, or is Apple headed to the sidelines for the next six months?
No CEO is more important to his company than Jobs. The company needs to do whatever it can this week to reassure investors and customers that it will remain an industry leader for the next six months, even without Jobs at the helm.
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