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Banks with the biggest profits and losses last yearTHE balance sheets of many banks took a pounding last year. Royal Bank of Scotland, which received a government bail-out of $3 billion, posted the largest loss of $59.3 billion, according to an annual review of the world's leading banks by The Banker magazine. Citigroup and Wells Fargo also fell into the red by over $45 billion. But all three are still counted among the 12 biggest banks in the world by tier-one capital, albeit at a lower rank than in 2007. Not all was doom and gloom. ICBC turned a $21.3 billion profit, one of four Chinese bank
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s to make the top ten. HSBC and Barclays, British banks that showed better risk management than RBS, also saw a decent profit. ...
Greetings again, Everyone!
We come off of the Asian-Pacific Sectors with their Bourses in largely Positive Territory, especially The Nikkei… as we see this “Carryover” into most Majors… either in the Form of Bullish Sentiment, or Bullish Corrective Sentiment with IntraDay Flag/Pennant Continuation Patterns..
Overall despite the Deep IntraDay Volatility we have seen the past couple of [...]
Greetings again, Everyone!
While we await U.S. Durable Goods Data Points, we check in on The USD/CHF and especially the EUR/CHF as Swiss Intervention comes in yet once again at The Massive 1.5000 Handle.
Bullish Views seen earlier in The Euro provides some “Cross-Current” Momentum to slam the Swissy Itself, as the Dollar rolls on at the [...]
Greetings, Everyone and Welcome to Wednesday… FOMC Day!
While we await the Decision, Rhetoric, and The Statement from The Federal Reserve… most Majors are continuing on with Dollar Weakness, as the Yen Crosses deal with Appreciation of their own as well.
Fueled more by Equity Sectors in both the U.S. and Asia, both of the ”Risk Aversion/Risk Appetite Brothers”  [...]
Greetings again, Everyone!
As is usually the case ( but certainly not always!…), we see the Sharp and Angular Depreciation of most Currency Units and their Dollar and Yen Strengths take some of that Momentum of the past few Sessions to initiate Sharp Reversals and Breaks… otherwise known as “Short Squeezes”… “Dead Cat Bounces”… or “Bear [...]
Greetings, Everyone and Welcome to Tuesday!
We closed the U.S. Session with no real “remarkable” Data, Behavior, or Events to speak of ( hence no U.S. Close Post from me … ), and we are simply still working with Risk Aversion on the back of Strengthening Dollar and Yen Tendencies at this point.
The Negativity “bleeding out” [...]
Greetings again, Everyone!
As The Euro and other Majors work with slight Dollar Strength to begin the Week, most Yen Crosses are finding the same Behavior with The strengthening Yen.
Despite rather “Negative” Data Points out of Japan last night, we can recognize that the Strength in both of our “Risk Appetite/Risk Averse Brothers” is due NOT [...]
Barack Obama’s plan for regulatory reform is not bold enoughFINANCIAL regulation in America has two problems: there is both too much of it and too little. Multiple federal agencies oversee the financial system: five for banks alone, and one each for securities, derivatives and the government-sponsored mortgage agencies. They share these duties with at least 50 state banking regulators and other state and federal consumer-protection agencies. Yet all these regulators failed to anticipate and prevent the worst financial crisis since the Depression, because risk-taking flourished in the cra
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cks between them. Toxic subprime mortgages were peddled by lenders with little federal oversight and shoved into off-balance-sheet vehicles. The greatest leverage accumulated in firms that avoided the capital requirements of banks.On June 17th Barack Obama took aim at these weaknesses (see article). His financial white paper gets much right. First, it does not pursue what Dan Tarullo, one of the governors of the Federal Reserve, has called “reform by nostalgia”. Rolling back the deregulation of the past three decades would have wiped out the genuine benefits that innovation and competition have brought to Americans. Second, it recognises that many remedies do not require new regulators, but simply better regulations, such as beefed-up capital and liquidity buffers for banks and shifting much of the “over the counter” trade in derivatives to regulated exchanges and clearing houses. ...
Greetings, Everyone at The NYSE Close!
As we discussed in our previous Posts today… The Equity Markets are largely “Flat” today, and provided no real useful Correlation Activity for our Purposes here in the FX World.
The Yen Crosses largely continued on with their Risk-Averse Dollar Strength, as did most Major Units concerning The Dollar.
In my personal [...]
Greetings again, Everyone!
The Markets see some slight Buoyancy out of the IntraDay Consolidation Areas, as Price chooses some Directionality in most Currency Units as we transition from the Asian Session into the European Session.
EZ Equities are bidding slightly higher, and The Queen is taking advantage of this Momentum… as is the Euro Pound.
The Commodities of Crude [...]
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